The application that we present is part of an ambitious project which we have called "Project Ibn Battuta" designed to improve coexistence.

  • Coexistence is multidirectional.  Two cannot coexist if one of them does not want.
  • The coexistence must be based on mutual respect and this is achievable only through knowledge of "the other"
  • The relational bonds begin to form in the pre-puberty and become entrenched in youth.
  • Globalization has enabled a level of contact between different cultural environments unknown just two decades ago, however, this increase in the level of contact did not have an equally large increase in the level of mutual understanding.
  • Ignorance leads to distrust. There is an old Arab proverb "man is enemy of what he ignores"
  • New technologies are sophisticated tools that have served to establish a new communication paradigm.
  • New generations are born into this paradigm and they are using these tools.

If we want to establish bonds of coexistence based on respect as fruit of knowledge, our target should be "to promote a better understanding of the Muslim world in general and Arabic in particular"



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We concluded that the natural way to achieve our target is to create a competitive game of knowledge about the cultural environment Arab and / or Muslim. The problem is that you cannot release a game of knowledge about something generally unknown. To overcome this difficulty, we have designed a game that includes the most specific information we will ask the players. Again the question is how?

To answer this question we add a new postulate.

One of the best ways to learn is to travel. We start the game showing a video of a trip which contains the information we will ask the players, on this way we come to join both forms of learning, play and travel. In this video will mix animation with real images of important places in Arab and / or Muslim culture, showing both its past as its present, from monumental or historical references to gastronomy.

Let us add a last postulate.

All of us, especially the younger ones, need references which serve as model and guide, someone to identify with.

The video is based on the travels of Ibn Battuta and will be presented and starring by a lively recreation of the famous traveler, the idea is that for players to identify with this character and, of course, with Ibn Battuta.

For ease of this identification we have designed an animated character depicting a teenager Ibn Battuta, with a look topically Arabic, which has more to do with an idealized view next to fiction that with an Arab boy XXI century. This is so for two reasons, the first is that Ibn Battuta was a real person who was born in the thirteenth century and in the few representations which have come down to us, usually appears riding a camel and wearing a turban, the other reason is that those who know almost nothing about Arabs will recognize Ibn Battuta with a glance as Arab.

To achieve our objective we have developed a competitive game of knowledge. It is now necessary reach the largest possible number of players, this is where mobile devices play a key role, and this is therefore we are developing an app based in this game.

















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